Friday, 3 September 2010

old things re-found

looking through my old university sketch books and found these images of paint stains that have been manipulated stitched and retraced. finding the beauty in things that are mundane and ussaully overlooked , can lead to amazing discoveries and new inspiration.

Experiment with colour 1; ink roller and acrylic paint on paper

Experiment with colour over mark making: markmaking map of the bumps of a journeyusing pen and paper then using a roller and aryclic paint overprinted. landscape skyline qualities
experiment with colour 2: aryclic paint, pva and copperleaf on paper

journey and playing with photographs

part of the ongoing project series: journey, stated looking at maps and circular patterns especially made by Spirograph sets

found some old photos the other day admittedly not the best photography in the world, but the photo of the dandelion head(above) inspired me to take away some of the colour using bleach to bursts of reds and yellows as if another image is burning though the photograph, the photograph above the dandelion photo(immediately above writing) is of the fish tank in Victoria centre, Nottingham and was taken on a Lomography fish eye camera 35mm colour film. this is very dark but can make out flashes of silvery fish, which I tried to mirror the shapes using bleach to take away the photographic pigments.

Monday, 15 February 2010

journey part 2

After unpacking more things that I've managed to keep putting off found pictures of my Baba and Dziadzai, which had gotten slightly creased inspiring me to use them in an art piece.

Along with the fascination of the Spirograph started with an hand drawn image of a hand sprinkling the Spirograph forms over the image of Dziadzia, with the help of Photoshop layerd maps of Nottingham and Poland in to it.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

1st ever post and the start of journey

My first post in charting my Artistic career, allowing insight in to my working methods, inspirations and dreams.

Journey- work in progress based on my newly brought SPIROGRAPH and how the never ending lines of circles, is Similar to life's journey with its highs and lows in an indefinite line.
Photography and Photoshop.