Monday, 2 January 2012


At work i'm responsible for keeping the art cupboard and art rack tidy so when we had a tidy up before christmas i was being harsh with all the art work being stored if it didnt have a  name it was to be no more then got to all the body art pieces that we'd done, and decided that it would make gorgeous christmas wrapping paper.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Its that time of year when ones just ended another starts, a time to make promises for the new year. So this is my promise to my self.
  • to do a drawing a day
  • blog the drawing on a weekly basis
  • blog about what inspires me

Friday, 9 September 2011

seaford inspiration

Spent the Augest bank holiday weekend in Seaford Sussex, exploring the local area. most of the time was spent walking along the Sussex coastline and beaches collecting stones and shells and took these amazing pictures that are currently my inspiration. With the glorious sunshine, the soft beach hues, crisp clear blue seaare hopefully going to be mixed with collage, paint and stitch,along with previous themes of travel and maps. At this moment still at the inspiration stage but had a creative out burst on sunday 4th september and transformed 3 old tops in to dresses and the makings of an new canvas piece untill realised that I'm useless and didn't own any paints. So decided rather then going in to work early and catch up on files that I'd go wear one of the new dresses and buy a nice set of acrylics.So this weekend hoping for the second burst of creativity to arrive and hopefully there will be new art up soon. 

Monday, 30 May 2011

new inspiration

A random post of what I have been doing recently and whats been giving me ideas, FEATHERS I have been collecting feathers that I find on my way to work at 7.15 in the morning (Still trying to get use to being up so early, my body is just coping), I love the walk as its so quiet and peaceful, with no students rushing around and being loud which if an hour later there would be millions. The Children I work with have also been collecting them when we're in the nature garden at work, and the other week we did an mark making art activity with the feathers, pinecones and twigs we had found after having a bug hunt.

Easter walk Photography

Photography taken back over the Easter weekend spent with my family in Nottingham. I love the contrast in colours of the sky and yellow fields and that of the bluebells and trees. Since the Easter break I have started my new job so been busy with that but now that I have the evenings and weekends free I should be able to blog more and create more art work along with doing my college course as well.

Friday, 1 April 2011

rediscovered inspiration and new art work

i realise it has been a long time but the wait has ended i finally managed to 1- create a new piece. 2- find my camera and batteries to document new piece and finally 3- rediscovered a piece of work i did for my a levels but still love.

below-detail of travel in circles below- travel in circles

below both images-details from alevel work it was about identiy and the lies/controls that media and government try to restrian us with- mixed media textiles and machine stitch.

with these pieces i hope that it furthers my inspiration and can use elements in my other ideas as they appear.

i will try to keep up to date with everything i'm doing but things can get a bit hectic at times.


Tuesday, 18 January 2011

hand knitted purses embellished with vintage lace, ribbons and buttons

A friend of the family ages ago gave me some pre knitted squares for a patch-work blanket she never completed. I did use the larger squares for cushion covers but had trouble finding ideas for the small squares then this week i was mulling over them and got the idea of purses so made 6 so far but hopefully more to come. then my paln to have a stall to sell art work and crafty things on will take place.

pictures will come later.