Friday, 9 September 2011

seaford inspiration

Spent the Augest bank holiday weekend in Seaford Sussex, exploring the local area. most of the time was spent walking along the Sussex coastline and beaches collecting stones and shells and took these amazing pictures that are currently my inspiration. With the glorious sunshine, the soft beach hues, crisp clear blue seaare hopefully going to be mixed with collage, paint and stitch,along with previous themes of travel and maps. At this moment still at the inspiration stage but had a creative out burst on sunday 4th september and transformed 3 old tops in to dresses and the makings of an new canvas piece untill realised that I'm useless and didn't own any paints. So decided rather then going in to work early and catch up on files that I'd go wear one of the new dresses and buy a nice set of acrylics.So this weekend hoping for the second burst of creativity to arrive and hopefully there will be new art up soon. 

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